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Creating the Budget Narrative for Your Grant Proposal

Most government funders, and many private and corporate foundations, require that a budget narrative accompany a grant proposal’s line-item budget.

The Power of Consistency

For many nonprofits, the term “grants management” conjures up visions of navigating an ever-changing labyrinth of rules and regulations. While there is a learning curve when managing regulation-heavy grants from various levels of government, it’s nothing diligence and determination can’t conquer.

To Find Grantmakers, Subscribe to a Professional Database

When you’re looking for grantmakers to support your organization’s work, a Google search won’t do the job. Most private foundations don’t have websites and most don’t have staff.

Looking for Grantmakers? Start Close to Home

When looking for the grantmakers most likely to support your organization’s work, start close to home. The idea of a fat grant from a large national-level foundation is alluring, but unless your organization is doing work of national importance, these large funders probably aren’t a good bet.