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Tackling the Nonprofit Conundrum?

The strain of inadequate, insecure funding is exhausting and often sends nonprofits tilting at every windmill that might throw out a grant dollar. Every organization has its own pressure points and problems, but there are some commonalities throughout the sector. 

How to Answer Budget Questions Funders Will Ask 

Funders put the budget and budget justification under a microscope. So you’ve got to get it right. When you understand their concerns and the questions they’ll pose, you’re in a much stronger position to nail it. Here’s a list of questions funders are sure to ask.

5 Internal Controls for Stronger Grants Management

Put yourself in the funder’s shoes—who would you choose to fund? These tough decisions are complex and include assessing an organization’s ability to deliver on the promises made in the grant proposal.

Commitment to Evaluation is Commitment to Impact

When developing a grant proposal, it’s tempting to think of the evaluation plan as something you tack on once the program plan is in place. But the evaluation plan is an integral part of the program.

Creating the Budget Narrative for Your Grant Proposal

Most government funders, and many private and corporate foundations, require that a budget narrative accompany a grant proposal’s line-item budget.