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To Win Grants, Write Clearly

There’s much more to winning grant awards than writing! To win, it’s imperative to approach the right funder with a solid program plan that’s capable of producing meaningful results. But the quality of the writing does matter.

A Grant Proposal’s Most Common Pitfall

Accurately identifying the problem or need your organization wants to tackle is the single most important factor in developing a powerful grant proposal.

Investing in Grants Professionals

With a rock-star proposal writer on staff, why spend precious dollars priming the pump? The grant awards are rolling in and all is right with the world. But getting too comfortable with the successful status quo is risky.

Feds Change Grant Resources, Websites, And Requirements

Federal resources and systems for grantseekers have been changing. If your organization participates in the federal grants process or plans to, it’s imperative to stay on top of developments at Grants.gov, SAM.gov, and the federal agencies with which you are most involved.

Policies, Procedures, and The Grants Professional

It’s a well-accepted best practice that the development of grant proposals should be well coordinated with the administrative, financial, human resources, and programmatic functions of the organization.