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When You Want Results!

A follow-up study of 385 of our graduates found they had won grants totaling over $21 million within just six months of completing the 5-day Grantsmanship Training Program®. Ready to get real? Learn to turn theory into actual substance and develop work product right in class. Exactly what you take away depends on the training: it could be the draft of a full proposal, sections of a proposal, a proposal outline, a stack of proposals created and reviewed in class, a project timeline, a business plan or some combination of these items. The following four trainings are offered publicly, but can also be hosted or privately sponsored by your organization.


Power Up


Power Up,  General Grant Writing Training

Grantsmanship Training Program®

5 Days

In-person hours: 8:30-5:30pm
Friday ends at 1pm

Online format uses different schedule


  • Planning programs
  • Writing proposals
  • Finding & Working with funders
  • Extensive planning exercises
  • Teams draft & review real grant proposals

Class Size: in-person 30 limit; virtual 24 limit

Full Membership

Tuition: $1,095

Now offered ONLINE, too!


Essential Grant Skills

2 Days

In-person hours: 8:30-4:30pm

Online format uses different schedule


  • Planning programs
  • Writing proposals
  • Finding & Working with funders
  • Group exercises
  • Teams draft logic models & proposal outlines


Class Size: In-person 40 limit; virtual 24 limit

Full Membership

Tuition: $495


Next Level
Next Level, Advanced Grant Writing Training

Competing for Federal Grants

5 Days

In-person hours: 8:30-5:30pm
Friday ends at 1pm

Online format uses different schedule


  • Federal funding overview
  • Finding opportunities
  • Interpreting guidelines
  • Effective arguments
  • Teams draft concept papers
  • Teams review concept papers

Class Size: in person 25 limit; virtual 24 limit

Full Membership

Tuition: $1,395


Grant Management Essentials

2 Days

In-person hours: 8:30-5:00pm

Online format uses different schedule


  • Pre- & post-award tasks
  • Financial issues
  • Cost allocation
  • Property disposition
  • Indirect costs
  • Audits

Class Size: in person 30 limit; virtual 24 limit

Associate Membership: includes everythig in Full Membership except proposal review

Tuition: $745


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Sponsored Training


Bring Training To Your Group

Does your organization or community have specific training needs that aren’t met by our regular schedule? Maybe you want a different location, time, or content. Bringing The Grantsmanship Center to your doorstep by sponsoring one of our trainings could be the answer. All training on this page can be sponsored, but the four workshops below are only available as sponsored options.


sponsored training section

Research Proposal Workshop

1-3 Days

Hours: 8:30-5:30pm
option to stay longer on day 2


  • Integrating planning into proposals
  • 9 proposal components
  • Framing research questions
  • Proving significance
  • Effective abstracts
  • Investigator credibility


Class Size: varies


Social Enterprise for Nonprofits

2 Days

Hours: 8:30-5:30pm
option to stay longer on day 1


  • Supporting mission
  • Protecting tax exemption
  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Growing income
  • Diversifying income
  • Teams develop business plans & receive feedback


Class Size: limited to 30



second sponsored training section

Designing Programs for Results

1-2 Days

Hours: 9:00-4:00pm



  • Identify community needs
  • Document need with data
  • Specify attainable change
  • Link the problem to the change
  • Draft effective services
  • Create meaningful evaluation


Class Size: limited to 25


Proposal Review Tools

1-2 Days

Hours: 9:00-4:00pm



  • Review program plan basics
  • Match problems with methods
  • Properly evaluate outcomes
  • Select high potential programs
  • Diagnose potential weak points
  • Create stronger partnerships


Class Size:  limited to 25


When You Want More—Because it's not “Grant Writing”

Successful grant proposals are about the thinking, not just the writing. We help you focus on program planning, developing logical and compelling proposals, mastering powerful research tools, and building partnerships to increase impact. You'll also learn about clear, direct writing and how to submit your proposal, whether on paper or electronically. This deep and comprehensive approach is the heart of our training—because it works!

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

An independent evaluation of 381 Grantsmanship Training Program graduates found that their new skills had strengthened their organizations and increased grant success. The organizations were using funder research tools more effectively; doing better program planning; defining more measurable outcomes; starting or improving evaluation processes; placing more emphasis on program sustainability; and collaborating more effectively with other organizations.

When Your Organization Wants More Financial Stability

Depending only on grant funding can leave an organization in a vulnerable spot. That's why we also provide Social Enterprise for Nonprofits—a powerful way to produce income by tapping ready resources that align with your organization's mission. Rise above the crowd of grantseekers by demonstrating ongoing financial savvy and strength.

For a Dynamic, Hands-On Learning Experience

All that energy you find in our classrooms? It’s the training, not the coffee. Using our lively Listen & Discuss, Do & Review® curriculum, you’ll put new knowledge into practice immediately, build solid skills, and retain what you’re learning. And you’ll probably have a good time.

Work with an Expert, Caring Mentor

Your trainer will guide you through every step of the training. All our trainers have deep and solid experience in the field, up-to-date expertise, and practical know-how. They are skilled presenters who can hold an audience. And they care about your success.

Get Follow-Up Support as Part of the Package

We’re here for you after you complete your training—you’re not alone. We’ll welcome you into The Grantsmanship Center’s Membership Program and provide you with extensive follow-up services at no additional cost.