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To Find Grantmakers, Subscribe to a Professional Database

When you’re looking for grantmakers to support your organization’s work, a Google search won’t do the job. Most private foundations don’t have websites and most don’t have staff.

Looking for Grantmakers? Start Close to Home

When looking for the grantmakers most likely to support your organization’s work, start close to home. The idea of a fat grant from a large national-level foundation is alluring, but unless your organization is doing work of national importance, these large funders probably aren’t a good bet.

To Do Heavy Lifting, Nonprofits Need Bone & Muscle

Nonprofits are dedicated to their missions, pouring every ounce of time, energy, and money they can muster into their fight to make positive change.

Five Essential Steps to Planning Your Program

When confronting pressing community problems, the program planning of nonprofits is understandably motivated by their passion to set things right. The enthusiasm to make things better is a primary, driving force you’ve got to appreciate and nurture, but you’ve also got to temper that passion with a solid understanding of how to plan programs so they will really make a difference.

Grants: Passion Matters, But So Do Cold Facts and Calculated Action

Many nonprofits are born from the grave concern of someone who’s experienced a tragedy, suffered from a problem, or witnessed others’ suffering first-hand. These nonprofits radiate an intensity of purpose that inspires others to action and captures the interest of grantmakers who want to partner with authentic organizations working deeply within their communities.