Training Archive - West Virginia

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This is an archived page. You can't sign up for training from here. It's only a partial list of our past West Virginia trainings. Click here to go to our current schedule.

Training Types:

Grantsmanship Training Program: interactive grant proposal writing course
Essential Grant Skills: concentrated grant proposal writing class
Competing for Federal Grants: advanced grant proposal writing with a federal focus
Grant Management Essentials: grant administration
Research Proposal Workshop: academic proposal writing courses and seminars for research grants


2014: The Grantsmanship Center training in Wyoming 

October 16, 2014, Grant Management Essentials, Charleston

2006: The Grantsmanship Center training in Wyoming

August 21, 2006, New Business Ventures,  Charleston

2005: The Grantsmanship Center training in Wyoming

February 14, 2005, Grantsmanship Training Program, Institute
August 8, 2005, New Business Ventures, Charleston
September 7, 2005, Grant Proposal Workshop, Flatlands

2003: The Grantsmanship Center training in Wyoming

August 25, 2003, Grantsmanship Training Program, Logan

2001: The Grantsmanship Center training in Wyoming

December 10, 2001, Grantsmanship Training Program, Charleston

2000: The Grantsmanship Center training in Wyoming

July 17, 2000, Grantsmanship Training Program, Martinsburg
December 4, 2000, Grantsmanship Training Program, Charleston